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Crypto Cache: Accelerating the future of cryptocurrency mining.

Some say that creativity is thinking up new things. At CEGEN Environmental Group, we believe that innovation is doing new things. Our Crypto Cache miner is no exception. We have taken aging crypto currency miner designs and advanced them to the next frontier of innovation.  By using ultra low cost power and by harnessing the latest in construction techniques, our Crypto Cache miners deliver outstanding margins.  Each Crypto Cache structure is designed to handle up to 5 MW of power.  Need more power? No problem. Simply add more Crypto Cache structures to your installation. All HVAC, cabling, connections, and base structural elements are manufactured and assembled off-site. The result? Plug and play - start mining right away.  Build them fast, and power them cheap. Contact us now to find out how.


Several models are available - ranging from small KW packages, all the way up to our mighty Titan 5 MW pods. Plus, models can be combined to support multiple MW sites and projects.



Our exclusive marketplace gives you access to ultra-low cost power across a wide range of sites across the United States.



All  Crypto Cache units are manufactured in controlled environments.



Get mining quickly - in just a matter of weeks from PO to lights on.



Crypto Cache is the construction manager of all buildouts to ensure quality and product consistency. 



Crypto Cache pods are very versatile.  Depending on your preferences and installation location, the pods can be air cooled or liquid immersion cooled.  Our liquid immersion pods are called "Titan Hydro".


CEGEN's Crypto Cache is purposely designed to contribute to crypto mining profitability.

6 MW Cluster

6 MW Cluster

1 MW Pod

1 MW Cross Section

Introducing the Decibel Destroyer

CEGEN Environmental Group and Crypto Cache Mining have joined forces to bring the existing crypto mining industry a solution to the noise and esthetic issues of the traditional mining container.

Legacy mining containers are very loud.

The Mighty 5 MW Titan Pod

Imagine high-density mining; up to 1,500 S19Pros, all in a small physical footprint. Our Titan pod is built to your spec, portable, robust, and resists all weather. HVAC, free air, and immersion options available.

Example Titan Project Site


5 MW Titan Pod Gallery

Strong, Efficient, Unmatched.

The Versatile Titan Liquid-Cooled Hydro Pod

Overclock your mining rigs and operate them in warmer climates; all while increasing the lifespan of your chips, and reducing sound levels.

Liquid Cooling

Liquid Cooling

Crypto Cache Facility

In situ - overhead view of multiple 1 MW air-cooled pod site.

Crypto Cache Facility

In situ - street-level view, multiple 1 MW air-cooled pod site.

Crypto Cache Facility

Bird's-eye view, multiple 1 MW air-cooled pod site.  

Crypto Cache Facility

Night view, multiple 1 MW air-cooled pod site.

Crypto Cache Facility

Sample cross-section view, multiple 1 MW air-cooled pod site.


A selection of crypto cache facility renderings.

Multiple 1 MW air-cooled pod site.


Having a solid structural foundation upon which to build the miner is critical to the long term profitability of the operation. CEGEN's Crypto Cache structural DNA is based on industrial skid design and construction. Used for decades in the oil and gas industry, skids provide unmatched structural strength, weather resiliency, flexibility, and capability. 

A Solid Foundation

22-gauge steel outer-casing with satin finish (heavier gauges are available) with many color options. STC-30 Standard wall make-up. R-12 Standard wall make-up. Lifting lug points for ease of Install.

Keeping it Cost-Effective

Standard “rinse and repeat” designs to dramatically cut engineering and design costs. Optional high-efficiency MERV13 filters. Full on-board controls. Compact high efficiency air foil plenum fans that are thermostatically controlled.

Make it Yours

“Whisper” package to further attenuate the facility noise contribution at property line or receiver point. Color options. Free Cooling/ CRAC and liquid immersion cooling design options.

Combine MW Clusters

One to five Megawatt plug and play colocation pods with built-in system redundancy and reliability. Multiple Megawatt cluster packages available with common corridor for maintenance and on-site shipping/receiving.

Flexible Approaches

Choose free air, air conditioning, or liquid cooling for your specific requirements and project site.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)  

Crypto Cache's unique designs can help contribute to your ESG targets.


• Properly use wasted or excess power from energy facilities (flare gas, power gen on site, exhaust wind).                          • Renewable natural gas options.               • Clean energy opportunities including hydrogen, natural gas, hydro electric, solar.                                                                   • Low or neutral carbon facilities.               • Low noise footprint and “Whisper Cache” options for sensitive applications


• Low-cost power opportunities.                 • Carbon tax reductions.                               • Abandoned wells reactivated and made profitable.                                             • Long term contracts for miners and the power providers.                                      • Plug and Play designs to lower field costs and faster to market.                           • Multiple manufacturing resources throughout North America.  • Direct sales for natural gas and other energy sources. • Multiple revenue models • Stranded gas turned to revenue.  • Opportunity Zone applications (tax reductions).      

Structural Design

• Solar Panel and CEGEN gensets options (6-10kW for auxiliary operations). • Motion activated lighting. • Hemp Batt insulation (Carbon Neutral) • Low maintenance finishes. • Powder coated finish on skids (free of VOC outgassing and less waste).               • Baked on coatings for metal surfaces offer protection from chemicals, wear, abrasion, and corrosion.  


We provide a fast and efficient way to bring low-cost energy suppliers and cryptocurrency miners together.


All project locations are pre-vetted by our team.


Our project locations are characterized by reliable and stable power supply.


Each project opportunity is current and available.


Low cost power is a key characteristic of our projects.


Each project location has enough land to meet your requirements.


Power supply and cost are locked in.


World-class design, engineering, and fabrication in place.


Bitcoin Energy Group and Crypto Cache Mining Announce Strategic Partnership

November 7, 2021

Bitcoin Energy Group (BEG), a leading full-service provider to the global crypto mining market, and Crypto Cache Mining (CCM), a leading infrastructure provider to the global crypto mining market, are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership.

Harvey Blom, Managing Partner of BEG says “We are excited to work with the CCM team to improve lead time, increase profitability, and lower CapEx to the industry. CCM team has a proven track record and communicates and operates at the level clients require. BEG likes the modular and sustainable approach of CCM design which provides a low PuE level to set a new standard for the industry.”

Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership brings together the leading minds in global crypto mining to offer a full suite of products and services. BEG and CCM will work together to identify and source low-cost green power project sites for crypto mining purposes. These sites will be located in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. In addition, BEG and CCM’s combined clout will offer global crypto miners access to world-class design, engineering, and manufacturing of crypto infrastructure including green power generation, cost-effective mining enclosures, and electrical solutions. 

Steve Morgan, CEO of CCM explains “We are delighted to be working with the BEG team. Their combined experience, wisdom, and global reach are second to none. We are excited to offer the global crypto mining market leading-edge innovation and products. Together with BEG, our ideas, products, and project sites bring a unique mixture of economic performance and environmental stewardship to the crypto market.”  

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